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Aim of the Society
  •     Member promotion
  •     Management of capital profitably to gain maximum profits
  •     Enhancing employee proficiency and productivity to make complacent employees
  •     Development of physical resources
  •     Making structural changes in office system to satisfy member community
  •     Enhancing social services to serve society
  •     Introducing new deposit schemes, loan projects and other services for the needs of members

Our Vision
To be the foremost monetary organization giving maximum profit to member community.

Our Mission
Development of our cooperative society’s Financial, Physical and Human Resource, Usage of suitable Technology and Management, handle resource productively and effectively by a satisfied work group and through the satisfied service for members and their improvement contribute to National Development.
Our Services
Devoting for the national development through strengthening members by monetary, physical and human resources development quantitatively and qualitatively through applied technology and methods of management with complacent employees, using those resources to give higher profits to members and methods of providing capital and multiple services to members.
Our Duties
  1. Creating fund and increasing it for fulfillment of economic needs of the members
  2. Introducing methods of thrift and saving money and inducing members for it
  3. Engage in projects for the development of education of the members
  4. Collecting deposits from members and non-members
  5. Implementation projects to obtain better prices for agricultural and other products of members
  6. Providing financial facilities to members economic and consumer needs
  7. Buying land for agricultural and housing projects and implementing such projects
  8. Implementation of welfare and protection for social and cultural needs of members
  9. Development of self-reliance, mutual help and morality among members
  10. Maintaining holiday homes and rest houses for members, university students and school children
  11. Maintaining transport services for the benefit of members and school children
  12. Buying land, buildings instruments and equipment acquiring as gifts or in other ways, leasing, renting or selling, mortgaging, leasing, renting or exchanging in any other way for the society
  13. Implementing death grant system for members and relatives of members
  14. Establishing a capital for scholarship and giving scholarships to members’ children
  15. Supplying goods and services needed for members
  16. Maintaining elders’ homes for associated members who were members of the society after retirement